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Here are some of the things I do for fun.


I am a two-term board member of a hackerspace called Bloominglabs.
Visit us on Wednesday evenings to use our tools and meet interesting people.

Our motto is descriptive: A space for sharing tools and knowledge to make stuff!

Here are some of my projects.

3D Printing

I built a RepRap Prusa (i1/i2 hybrid) 3D printer in high school (2011-2012).

I joined IU's defunct 3D printing club in 2013.
My activity in the club lead directly to my job at CREST.
Activities moved to Bloominglabs after the club closed in 2014.

I help run and maintain the 3D printers at Bloominglabs.

Amateur Radio

I have an technician-class amateur radio license.
My callsign is KD9CKV.

My Internet Presence

I spend time on


I earned the rank of Eagle Scout from troop 555 in 2013.
Please enjoy the excellent image archive my troop keeps.