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I studied Computer Science (with a Systems specialization*)
at Indiana University Bloomington from 2013 through 2017.

* This means I took a bunch of classes on low-level stuff,
like ARM microcontrollers, CPU architecture, and FPGAs.
I only wish I'd had time to take the compilers class...

I think the best part of my education was learning Scheme
from Ryan Newton and Daniel Friedman (The Little Schemer).
I already had a strong foundation in Java (thanks, Mr. Spock!),
but learning functional programming was mind-expanding.
It was the mental stimulation I wish for a lifetime of.

While at IU, I joined the 3D printing club.
This was the foundation of many friendships.

So far, all of my real jobs have been in the university,
through either the 3D printing club or a class professor.
This is fine, but I am open to working in new settings.