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My name is Robert Alexander Von Hoene. Everybody calls me Alex.

Welcome to my personal web site.

About Me

Pronouncing My Last Name

The first word is the German "Von". (Not the Dutch "Van".)

The second word is pronounced like the English word "hone".


I studied computer science at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana from 2013 to 2017.


I am currently writing software to optically track the flow of blood cells in mouse livers for the Biocomplexity Institute at Indiana University.

From Summer 2014 through Spring 2016 I was an undergraduate researcher at CREST.
I worked on custom electronics for GPU-bearing multiprocessor quadcopters.
I also mentored high schoolers in developming real-time software (in C), CAD (SolidWorks and SolveSpace), and rapid prototyping.

I have also done a little bit of freelance electronics development.

Other Activities


I am a two-term board member of Bloomington's hackerspace, Bloominglabs.
Come and visit on Wednesday evenings to work on your projects and meet interesting people.

Our motto is descriptive: A space for sharing tools and knowledge to make stuff!

Here are some of my projects and also my wiki contributions.

3D Printing

I built a RepRap Prusa 3D printer while I was in high school.

2013 through 2014, I was active in IU's defunct 3D printing club "Bfabs" (Bloomington Fabrication Group).
Here is the old blog, Google Group, Google Plus, and wiki.

My interest in 3D printing and activity at BFabs lead directly to my job at CREST.

As activity at BFabs wound down, I became active at the nearby hackerspace.

Amateur Radio

I have a technician-class amateur radio license. My callsign is KD9CKV.


In 2013, I earned the rank of Eagle Scout from troop 555 in Columbus, Indiana.
Please enjoy a look at my troop's excellent image archive.

My Internet Presence

I am on Hacker News and Github .

About this Web Site


I maintain a small blog.


This server hosts an XMPP (also known as Jabber) instant messaging server.
I set it up so that my friends and I can enjoy convenient encrypted messaging.

Account creation is open. Feel free to use this server to communicate securely with your friends and family.
I reserve the right to cut off accounts that abuse this service.

My account is alex@alexvh.me


This website is accessible through:

(Some of) My Friends

Aaron Hsu
Gavin Whelan
Harpo Roeder
Joey Cieslik
Michael Fisher
Will Robot
Zach Campbell